What do I need to know about comfort objects?

What do I need to know about comfort objects?

Top mom tips from Finn + Emma…

 Blankies, lovies, comfort objects…whatever you want to call them, these items can be very helpful as babies learns early lessons of independence and how to calm themselves.  And, these objects can be great for toddlers too—serving as trusted companions amidst new experiences and surroundings.  Below we share a few tips to help you navigate:

 1) What should the object be?

 The main idea is to provide an extra dose of comfort to your child, anytime and anywhere—particularly at bedtime, when traveling, or when adjusting to life changes.  The shape and form of the object itself is less important.  It could be a beloved blanket or stuffed animal—but whatever does the trick, as long as it’s safe, is a-okay.  Generally kids will gravitate to a particular comfort object if they need/want it, but if they’re not interested, no need to force it.

2) What are some helpful hints about lovies?

 Two words: washable and multiple.  A washable lovie is certainly preferable because it’s bound to get dirty and gunky with some frequency.  If you can simply throw it in the wash, this is ideal!  And…if possible, get more than one of the exact same lovie.  This way, if ones gets lost or momentarily goes missing, there’s a backup ready to be deployed. 

 3) How long should my child use a comfort object?

 Each child is different, as far as when they “outgrow” their lovie.  Attachment often peaks between 18-24 months and then subsides after that.    

 Whatever type of lovie your child adopts, it will remind them of the sweet and happy moments you create for them—whether they’re feeling fussy during the day, lonely at night, or when they're out in the world. 

P.S. It goes without saying that the best comfort objects are safe and eco-friendly.  That’s why Finn + Emma lovies and blankets are made with 100% organic cotton and non-toxic dyes.  Our lovies are hand-knit, featuring friendly stuffed-animal heads (filled with sheep’s wool) and blanket “bodies.”  And our blankets are cozy and comfy, in several fun designs. 


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