What kind of exercise does my baby need?

Help!  What kind of exercise does my baby need?

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 It might seem like all your baby does is eat, sleep, and play (which sounds like the high life!)—but, when playing or even just squirming around, little ones are actually performing exercise critical to their development.  And you can help maximize the benefits—and set your child on a path to lifelong fitness—with our tips and suggested exercises below!

1) Make time for fitness every day 

Just as you might do with the gym or other fitness regimen, aim for some type of “workout schedule” for baby.  For instance, tummy time is important to help build your baby’s arms, back, neck and stomach muscles; try for a 10-minute session after diaper-changing.  Or maybe you can find time each morning or evening to try some of these other exercises:

“Tiptoe boogie”—hold baby on tiptoe on your lap or the floor to help work on balance; your little one will love to “dance!”

“Sit-ups”—Gently pulling baby up from a reclining position to a “crunch” position is not only fun for them but also helps them work their core; or help baby learn to sit up on his/her own by propping them up on the couch with pillows

“Weight training”—After baby learns to grasp and pick items up, encourage him or her to pick something up, check it out, put it back down, and repeat with another item; this strengths both eye-hand coordination and muscles!

2) Make it fun for both of you 

Make things interactive and engage with baby during “workout” time.  Maybe you can even find a way to get in a bit of exercise alongside your little one—doing your own “floor routine” while baby is having tummy time, etc. 

3) Try a baby play gym

One easy way to inspire your child to strength both mental and physical muscles is through a baby play gym or play mat.  These come in an array of styles and place a variety of interesting objects within easy reach of your baby—helping baby develop on all levels through sight, touch, and movement. 

Whatever you do, keep baby moving!  It helps them sleep more restfully and learn more eagerly. 


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