What to gift to baby this holiday season?

Some simple advice…

Is there a baby on your holiday shopping list this year? Maybe it’s a grandchild, other family member, or friend’s child. Whatever the case, it can be hard to know what to get. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

A gift for baby is *really* a gift for mom and/or dad

For a baby less than a year old, you’re really giving a gift to baby’s parent(s). If you feel comfortable doing so, it’s worth asking mom or dad what sort of baby gear, nursery décor, or other items they could use. Or, consider small luxuries that a new parent would really enjoy for themselves but might not splurge on; things like a massage, manicure, new silk pajamas, etc.

Consider a keepsake or commemorative item

That said…if mom and dad are up to their ears in baby gear and toys too, and you want to give a tangible gift, think about gifting a keepsake or commemorative item. If you’re a close relation of the baby, you might select a special item like a piece of jewelry, china, or a book, to pass down in observance of their first Christmas/Hanukkah/other celebration. Of course baby won’t appreciate or use the item until they’re older, but it will be a treasured memento down the road.

You could also consider gifting an ornament or other personalized item in honor of baby’s first holiday. Or, if the parents are minimalists, think about making a donation in baby’s honor to an organization that has special significance.

Ooh, shiny wrapping paper!

Chances are, baby will be way more interested in the wrapping of the gift than the gift itself. And that’s okay. Just beware if baby is going to be playing with (or chewing on!) the package itself, that you’ve wrapped it in a safe way. Avoid wrapping paper that had a glittery surface, and bags with tissue paper. Small bows and string should also be avoided, as well as any other adornments that could be choking hazards.

Happy (safe, practical, and meaningful) gift-giving this holiday season!

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