Why do baby clothes have itchy tags

The solution for better sleep: no more itchy tags for baby

How often does the following scenario unfold at your house?  You’ve fed your little one, changed its diaper, sung a soothing lullaby, and still your baby is in no mood to sleep peacefully.  (We’ve all been there too many times to count!)

The goal of a good night’s sleep for baby (and, in turn, a good night’s sleep for you!) can often feel like the quest for the Holy Grail.  But, what if the culprit of your child’s restlessness was something simple you may not have thought of—and, even better, easily remedied?  We’re talking about the itchy, scratchy tags that exist in many baby-clothing items.

We’ve all had underwear or clothes with scratchy tags—and it’s the worst, even on adult skin!  So just imagine the discomfort a baby feels on its delicate skin, from an annoying, itchy tag.  And if an item of clothing doesn’t have a tag, it may have a heat-sealed plastic sticker; these crack and peel and get very scratchy with repeated washing.

Unlike you, your baby can’t reach back and rip out or adjust a frustrating tag, or even request that you remove the offender.  And for some children, an itchy tag can be more than a sleep-impeder; those with tactile hypersensitivities or other sensory processing challenges may have significant reactions to something like a scratchy tag, both at night and during the day.  In other words: if your baby is keeping you up, it just might be because their clothing is keeping them up. 

The good news is that, here at Finn + Emma, we don’t use any tags or heat sealing—not on our one-pieces, not on our pajamas, not on any item of clothing.  Instead, we print our “labels” directly on the items with the same eco-friendly inks that we use in our organic cotton fabrics.  This way, your baby can be cozy and comfortable, and everyone in the house can sleep soundly.

We’ve heard from many kind customers that Finn + Emma clothing is a sleep essential in their house, which makes us very happy.  The gift of comfort can’t be underestimated, and we hope you’ll give our tag-less items a try for the sake of your little one—as well as yourself.  Sweet dreams!


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