you’re just not that into it: halloween edition

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How to handle the tricks and treats when you may not feel like it

Halloween is fast approaching, whether you like it or not. For some parents, it’s a highlight of the year and an opportunity to go full Martha Stewart—complete with handcrafted, coordinated costumes for the entire family; perfectly carved jack-o-lanterns; and festivities galore. 

But, if you’re not one of these parents, and Halloween ranks low on your list of favorite days, that’s a-okay too. Here are our top tips for dealing with the spookiest day of the year even if you’re not in the mood.   

1) Skip the costume(s)

There’s no rule saying that your baby, or even your bigger kids (and certainly not yourself), must be costumed. It’s completely optional no matter what your other mom-friends say. So, if you’re not into dressing baby as a crab or cookie monster, why not opt for a cute graphic bodysuit instead? We dare say your little one will get just as many compliments (and you’ll get lots more than just a one-time use out of this “costume”!).  

2) Don't put too much pressure on it

Again, there’s truly no need to stress out over any aspect of Halloween. No matter what your friends or your kids’ friends are up to, you get to decide what Halloween traditions to start (or not) for your own family.  And it also doesn’t have to be the same every year. 

3) Plan a chill evening at home

You and your kids can have just as much fun (or more) staying at home. Have a fun, themed dinner. Watch a movie and make popcorn. Play games. If you don’t want to deal with trick-or-treaters, put a bowl of candy and a sign on your front stoop. Or, maybe you and your kids would enjoy dressing up, staying in, and greeting kids who come by. Pro trip: choose your favorite candy or other snack as what you offer trick-or-treaters! 

4) Take the family to a fall festival or event to celebrate the season instead

Fall festivals and events seem to abound all across the country, so there is likely to be one in your neck of the woods. If your kids are bummed that your family isn’t giving Halloween the royal treatment this year, plan a festive day trip to take a hayride, get caramel apples, do a maize maze, or whatever floats your boat. Bigger kids may also enjoy apple (or pumpkin) picking. 

No matter what you do, Halloween is only one day. It will come and go, despite what you may see on Pinterest, grocery-store ads, social media, etc.  Take the parts you like, leave the parts you don’t—and, you can still plan a festive, fun time for your kids either way. 

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