10 Modern Themes + 3 Great Ideas for Baby Showers

Planning a baby shower sounds like lots of fun and… a few headaches. The purpose is to celebrate the upcoming arrival and shower the parents with love and gifts. That’s clear. You want everything to be perfect for the parents-to-be. That’s clear, too. What’s unobvious is how to pick the right theme. The one that’s unique and exciting but also not unrealistic to execute. Below, we share a few tested ideas that always work!

Flowers are must-haves at any baby shower event

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10 Baby Shower Themes

#1 Disney-themed

A Disney-themed baby shower is perhaps a classic. You can decorate the place with characters from classic Disney movies or choose one movie as a central theme.

The secret is that Disney-themed baby showers are the easiest to organize. If you are pressed with time, just use Mickey Mouse ears for table settings and incorporate Disney-themed banners here and there. You can also have a floral centerpiece with colors that match your theme. You can learn to create one at floral arrangement classes or buy a ready arrangement.

#2 Baby in Bloom Baby Shower Theme

If you are looking for soft hues, consider peonies

© artflowersla.com -Peony bouquet

Have you seen those girly baby showers with lots of flowers? That’s the “Baby in Bloom” type. All you need to do here is to decorate the space with floral arrangements in soft hues.

Guests can wear flower crowns. And do prepare a beautiful flower arch as the backdrop for photos. This theme works especially well in spring or summer.

#3 Superhero-themed

Superheros are among the most popular themes for baby showers. First and foremost, the colors. Use bold ones like red, blue, and yellow. Next, decorate the place with comic book cutouts and superhero logos.

You can also have a cake with a superhero emblem and offer capes for guests to wear. But keep it balanced. The theme must complement the event instead of dominating it.

#4 All White Everything Baby Shower Theme

Calla lilies are best for the all-white theme

© artflowersla.com - Calla lilies bouquet

You won’t probably argue that all white baby showers are timeless. And they are pretty simple in realization. Use white decorations, from balloons to tablecloths. Then, white flowers:

  • lilies
  • roses
  • baby’s breath, and anything you like.

You don’t want it to look sterile, so add silver or gold accents. Such celebrations look chic without requiring much effort on your part.

#5 Bunny-themed

Daisies are a welcome guest at any summer event

© artflowersla.com - Daisy bouquet

A bunny-themed baby shower ideas are adorable. Of course, these are perfect for a springtime celebration, but they look organic in summer, too.

So, what do you do exactly? Decorate with cute bunny motifs and pastel colors. Use white and pink flowers (e.g., tulips, daisies, etc.). You can also have bunny ears for the guests to wear (but only if they want to).

#6 Nautical Baby Shower Theme

Red roses are very powerful as decorations

© artflowersla.com - Red rose bouquet

If you are looking for more modern baby showers ideas, consider a nautical theme. The latter is great for a baby boy or a gender-neutral shower. The peculiar trait of this theme is that it uses navy blue, white, and red. Anchors, sailboats, and lighthouses are thus typical decorations but you can be more creative, of course.

As to floral arrangements, blue hydrangeas, white lilies, and red roses should look stunning here. It’s also a cool idea to set up a “message in a bottle” station.

#7 Great Gatsby Baby Shower Theme

A Great Gatsby theme is one of the most elegant baby showers themes. It sounds a bit challenging in terms of realization, but in practice, it’s not. The very minimum includes

  • gold and black decorations
  • art deco patterns
  • feather centerpieces
  • pearl garlands.

In terms of flowers, white orchids and black calla lilies should be the best for this mood.

#8 Friends-themed

Sunflowers are immediate mood boosters

© artflowersla.com - Sunflowers bouquet

If the parents-to-be are fans of the show, Friends is one of the best themes for baby showers for girls and boys. Anything inspired by the show will do as decorations. The iconic couch, the Central Perk signs, plus less obvious symbols. Floral arrangements should include bright sunflowers, daisies, and roses. Needless to say, serving coffee and treats is a must.

#9 Rubber Ducky-themed

A Rubber Ducky is one of the most playful temas para baby showers. All you actually need here is blue and yellow decorations with rubber ducky accents. Add yellow flowers (How about sunflowers or daffodils?), and you are good to go!

#10 Garden-themed

Garden-themed ideas for baby showers are perfect for outdoor celebrations. No special decorations are necessary here. Instead, rely on greenery and colorful flowers. Potted plants can act as centerpieces and, if you have time, create a flower crown station for guests.

3 Creative Baby Shower Ideas

Flower workshop

© artflowersla.com - ART Flowers expert florist. 

We asked an expert from ART Flowers to tell us more about baby showers carried out in floral master classes. As ART Flowers’ expert explains, a baby shower can be both fun and educational if you host… a flower workshop. Here, guests will learn to create beautiful floral arrangements, which they will further take home. So, this is perhaps the most rewarding format from the guests’ perspective.

For such workshops, they usually set up a station with fresh flowers, vases, and all the necessary tools. A professional florist guides the session. This idea is to let everyone have fun and also learn something new.

Spa Shower

Alternatively, a spa-themed baby shower is likewise perfect for pampering the mom-to-be and her guests. Here, too, they set up stations. But this time for mini manicures, facials, and massages. The decor colors are typically pastel blues and greens.

Instead of bunny ears, guests will be wearing plush robes and slippers (trust us, they’ll appreciate that greatly!). For the floral touch, lavender, eucalyptus, and white lilies should work well. This is a great way to let everyone relax a bit and simply have a rest.

Family scrapbooks

And, of course, there are family scrapbooks. Here, it’s important to keep in mind that some guests want to contribute. Others don’t. So don’t be pushy. Provide blank scrapbooks, colorful papers, stickers, and markers. Those who want will create a page with their well-wishes, advice, or favorite memories with the parents-to-be.

You can also add instant photo cameras to capture moments from the shower and include them in the scrapbook.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are PLENTY cool ways to organize a baby shower. And they aren’t that difficult in terms of organization (well, most of them, at least). Just keep in mind both the future parents and the guests. It will only work if everyone’s at ease!

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