8 Key Tips On Nurturing Your Child’s Creativity

If you notice that your child is leaning towards the creative side, you might want to take that opportunity to your advantage and try to enhance their interest and skills further as early as possible.  

Encouraging your child’s creativity while they’re still toddlers can help them build their confidence and improve their skills. Allowing them to master their capability further as early as possible. With that, listed below are some tips on how you can nurture your child’s creativity:  

  • Make Tools Easily Available 
  • To help your child further stimulate their creative brains, you should readily make arts and crafts tools available.  Whether it be paper, toddler safe scissors, paints and markers.  If they have easy access to tools and materials, they can easily grab a paper and try to explore their wildest imaginations. There are also plenty of educational toys that help to boost one’s artistry, which also makes the creative process a lot more enjoyable. You can browse at craftercise.com.au or other similar sites and look for the best educational toys that help further to promote imagination and creativity for your growing toddler.  

  • Give Them Their Own Creative Space 
  • As you provide your toddler win easy access to their own creative materials, it might be helpful if you could give your child their own creative space, free from any distractions. This can be a low table with chairs or an extra large play mat that you can bring into any room in the house.  Give them a chance to squeeze out their creative juices. With their own corner, they can incorporate creativeness, fun, and imagination into one area and help them focus on their activity. 

  • Surround Them With Open-Ended Toys 
  • A child’s creativity isn’t limited to what they draw on pen and paper. Sometimes it also involves how they try to be creative with their games. To help develop your child’s imagination, you might want to give them plenty of open-ended toys, allowing them to explore various possibilities of what a simple object can do. You can give them blocks and magnet tiles that offer them the opportunity to build anything that their imagination takes them.  

  • Expose Them In Different Environments 
  • A toddler can get bored easily, especially if they do the same thing repeatedly. Even if you try to offer your child plenty of creative activities such as hand painting and building blocks, they might feel like it’s something they already know and doesn’t pique their interest anymore. However, if you already had shown them as many activities as possible, but they’re losing interest, you might want to consider changing their environment and exposing them to a different scenario. You could try bringing them out into the yard or take them to the yard and allow them to enjoy the new surroundings.  

  • Don’t Follow A Strict Schedule 
  • A creative idea doesn’t spark the moment when you tell it to. Like with other things, you must let them express their creativity whenever their body demands it. While implementing a strict playing schedule can help to achieve an organized timetable and household, it might not allow your child to express their creativity further, especially if they don’t feel much creative for that day. To help your child nurture their creativity, help them refill their imagination, and allow them to burst whenever possible.  

  • Role Play With Your Child 
  • Another way you can help your child to be creative is by playing role play games with them. This will help to enhance their imagination and strengthen their bond with each other, making it a good activity for you and your toddler. As you role play with your child, try to build them with scenarios they can easily understand and solve. You can try playing doctors, teachers, superheroes, police, or anything that feeds their interest. This can also help your child to talk and improve their speech development.  

  • Limit Screen Time 
  • Today, the world of children’s screen time is getting more popular as it provides limitless entertainment to most toddlers and growing children. While they help to keep your kids busy, they’re not the best tool to help your child enhance their creativity. With a phone, tablet, or TV, all they have to do is to watch everything and not allow their mind to wander and seek great perhaps. To help nurture their creativity and further enhance their skills, you should limit their screen time as much as possible.  

  • Understand Their Process 
  • Toddlers are known for their short temper. Some toddlers might become easily frustrated, especially if they can’t achieve what they have in mind. It could be falling off their blocks or ruining their painting. Once your child gets annoyed and starts to scream and get angry, try to let them know that it’s okay to make mistakes, and they can always try again. Let them know that everything’s okay and just let them enjoy the process.  


    Nurturing your child’s creativity is a crucial process that you should never neglect. Once you notice any interest in your child about creativity, you should try to enhance and nurture them as early as possible. As you try to surround them with plenty of toys and role-playing games and give them their own creative corner, you can allow your child to explore their imagination further and hopefully improve their skills into something they could be happy about.  


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