How to Encourage a Toddler to Talk

A child's first word is an exciting moment that parents look forward to. But what to do if the child is still silent, although his peers are already saying not only words but also whole phrases?

How to encourage your toddler to talk? Take a deep breath and be patient! Each child begins to speak in its own time. This range can be long, and there is no clear frame. However, as children grow and develop, they must demonstrate progress both in language perception – understanding what is said to them, and in the ability to express their desires, needs, and thoughts. Parents play a central role in teaching toddler to talk.

 Even when the child grows up, parents continue to help him acquire knowledge. It applies even to the choice of teachers for toddlers. But it is essential to be responsible when choosing a teacher and to search on top tutor websites to find your ideal tutor. Parents should remember that it is impossible to overload a child with studies at such an age. Therefore, classes should take place in the form of a game.

What should a child be able to do at different ages?

Babies aged 3-12 months should already recognize simple words for the names of everyday things, respond to their name, look where you point, play simple games, and understand short stories. Children under one year often babble repetitive syllables such as "mama" and use gestures to express their needs. They usually have a few words in their vocabulary by the end of their first year of life.

 Babies between 12 and 24 months begin to point to body parts when asked, answer simple questions, and recognize familiar objects in pictures. At this age, they can already pour out new words. "Boom" falls on the age from 18 months to 2 years. Therefore, at the age of two, it is already possible to send the child to various educational activities. Children under two usually have about 50 words in their lexicon. They also begin to use two-word phrases and questions.

How to encourage your toddler to talk?

Many factors can contribute to a child not reaching speech milestones on time, and it is essential to remember that such a delay does not necessarily indicate a speech disorder. Parents can learn how to teach toddler to talk by using the following tips.

1.    Look at your child when you speak

Children learn through observation and imitation. Let them see your face when you make sounds.

2.    Answer the child

When your baby makes sounds, or makes gestures, or shows something with facial expressions – react. Answer requests or talk to the little one. Before they start speaking, children usually communicate with gestures. When they want to drink, they point to a cup, and when they want to play, they reach for a toy on the shelf. This demonstration of early language skills helps parents and children understand each other without words.

3.    Take advantage of the usual life moments

Life with young children is busy, and making time to work on communication can be difficult. However, everyday routines can provide excellent opportunities for this.

4.    Work with the words the child says

When your child begins to say the first simple words, please give him a signal that you heard them, understood them, and made simple phrases with them.

5.    Read to the child

Reading is a great way to encourage early communication and language skills. And the time spent together will strengthen your bond with your son or daughter.

Three games that will help the child to talk

Parents can use several effective games to help babies start talking better. Such games can be used not only for toddlers but also for older children. Parents should understand that they are the main teachers for their babies.

The game "Take the bear"

Parents are invited to take the teddy bear in their hands and say on behalf of the toy: "I want to get to know the house where your family lives." Parents ask the child to take the bear around the house or apartment and show everything as attractive as possible. You can go to the kitchen, where parents will ask in a toy voice what these or other objects are called, for example, a refrigerator, a stove, a table. It is worth asking why all these items are needed. This way you can visit other rooms as well.

 This game can be adapted for an older age when the child will learn to write. After all, writing skills should also be developed early because the ability to write correctly will come in handy in the future. You can come up with a game like this, but the child will not have to name but write down the words. To interest a child in such a game, parents should show by their example how important it is to be able to write correctly and competently.

The game "My phone rang"

As a phone, you can use any object. Parents take turns with the child to pretend a phone call. You can talk to the child on your behalf, asking simple questions, or on behalf of toys or animals. A child can also, imitating parents, ask them for something.

The game "Shop"

One of the parents offers the child to go to the "store." They go to the table, where the seller can be the second parent, and buy something – for example, dishes. The purchase must be described: state its name, form, and purpose.

How to choose a teacher for a small child?

It is essential to choose a tutor for child care. Try to read the resume and analyze the person. Before that, you should understand what a resume should be. Parents can read here helpful tips on writing a resume, which will help them choose a teacher more easily. If a person writes that he has work experience, loves children, and quickly finds a common language with children – this does not mean that the person will be a good teacher. Therefore, parents should try to communicate with the person personally and understand whether he is suitable for the child.


The child must be sure that you are interested in everything he talks about. Therefore, ask her questions, praise her, be surprised, and listen carefully. By encouraging speech in toddlers, the baby will try to tell you about everything! So, if the parents care for the children, the speech will have no problems.



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