Everything You Need To Know About Bibs

Everything You Need To Know About Bibs

baby in graphic bib and bottoms

A baby bib is a garment, paper, or other material your tot wears from the neck and covers the chest to protect clothing and delicate skin from foods or drinks that accidentally spill during meals. A bib not only has to be worn when feeding but is also used for infants when they drool, which happens a lot when they are teething.

Babies are not only cute but very messy! Comes in baby bibs that help keep dribbled milk from breastfeeding or formula off your kid's clothing during feeding and helps sop up the inevitable spit-up that comes after, thus maintaining a standard of cleanliness.

A perfect baby bib should be absorbent, fit comfortably on your baby and be able to withstand constant washing. Baby bibs will help you relieve the stress of changing your tot, especially if they are the 'happy spitters.' A baby bib will also help keep stains off your sunshine's clothes.

Your baby can start wearing their bibs from the time they turn 1-2 weeks, and yes, you can not do without a baby bib. It is one of the essential supplies for raising your little one.


Types of Bibs

Babies need bibs as they are a reliable and easy way to prevent all the spills and spurts from their clothes. Look for a soft 100% organic, non-irritating material and an adjustable bib since your newborn will grow up pretty first.

The baby bib game has evolved over the years. It is no longer the standard bib, a rounded cloth or towel-like garment that went around your neck and snapped at the back.

While the oldies are goldies, more varieties have made it to the store shelves. But before you purchase, you will want to think about what material you want, something that can be machine washed or wiped clean. Consider other features like whether it has extra snaps or food catchers and the size of the bib.

Here is a list of all you need to know about the different types of bibs:


  • Smock Bibs

These are also known as the "long sleeved bibs" as they are worn like a shirt that tends to go down to the knees. They are a good option for messy eaters since they offer full coverage and are great for protecting fancy dresses and beautiful white baby clothes.

They are waterproof, wipe clean bibs with sleeves, thus lifesavers if you are eating out. Though they are a bit on the bulkier side, they are open at the back, making it possible for you to roll up the food bits without any spillovers.


  • Drool Bibs

As the name suggests, these are meant for sopping up the drool and dribble and are a perfect size to use while nursing or feeding a bottle. They also come in hand for toddlers who are teething as they tend to drool a lot.

It's a comfortable, lightweight bib that helps keep your tot's cloth from getting soaked and potentially irritating the skin underneath.


  • Newborn Bibs

Yes, even babies who are not yet eating solids or sprouting pearly whites could use some extra protection. Newborns tend to wear them as they spit up during breastfeeding and feeding in general.

These bibs are extra small and designed to fit your baby's tiny neck preventing those pesky rashes in the baby's neck that form before they can hold their own head up. These bibs are ideal for babies below six months as they are notably more absorbent and easy to take on and off, therefore simple and timeless.


  • Feeding Bibs

When you find yourself looking for a feeding bib, your young one has graduated to solids, which is a whole new messy! A feeding bib's top looks like a traditional bib, but the bottom has a pocket that catches both liquefied and solid foods.

These bibs are meant for hard and soft foods and take a simple and creative approach to keep your little ones and your kitchen floor clean. They are easy to clean bibs made of plastic, rubber, or silicone.


  • Disposable bibs

Disposable baby bibs are not the best for everyday use as they are not practical. But they come in handy for travelling and family gatherings. These bibs allow you to keep your baby clean during feeding time, no matter where you are.

They are made of soft, absorbent material and have a waterproof backing for extra protection. They also come with self-adhesive tabs at the back of the bib for easy fitting and adjustment.

How Many Bibs Do I Need?

The answer to this question will depend on your family's needs. Four to six bibs per child are optimal, depending on how many children you have. For most newborns, a handful of drool bibs should be enough. Not forgetting that this newborn can still make quite the mess.

Factors like feeding, drool, and laundry will also be an excellent guide to how many bibs you need. Bibs need to be washed similarly to burp cloths; thus, a higher number is more desirable.

Tips on how to wash your baby bibs:

  • Read the label carefully.
  • Pre-treat the stains
  • Get rid of the stains on the baby bib by using a spray stain and rubbing the stain with an old toothbrush, then allowing it to soak into the fabric.
  • Soak the bib overnight
  • Choose a baby-friendly detergent.
  • Do not use hot water for washing the stains on the baby's bib.

Shop Our Collection Of Bibs

  • Lovie Bibs

  • Our lovie bibs are made with butterfly soft organic cotton, perfect for your tot's soft, delicate skin. They are lead/nickel-free, G.O.T.S Certified, with non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes, so you do not have to worry should your young one decide to taste! It is functional and big enough for your growing munchkin.


    Lovie bib with graphic horses

    Our Lovie Bib - Featuring All Over Horse Print


  • Kerchief Bibs

  • Our kerchief bibs are soft to your young one's skin with small clip-ons and lead/nickel-free snaps with coconut inserts. It is worn like a bandana and made up of 100%organic cotton. It is G.O.T.S Certified, thus free from any harmful chemicals therefore safe for your baby.

    Kerchief bib in red

  • Graphic Bibs

  • Our graphic bibs are smaller than the other and perfect for your newborn. They are stylish and functional as they ensure your baby's drool doesn't spill over to their clothes. They are made up of non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes thus will not cause any rash on your baby's sensitive skin. There are also 100%organic cotton, G.O.T.S Certified, and lead/nickel free.


    Graphic bib with love heart design

    Our Graphic "Loved" Bib - Available In Multiple Colors & Cute Themes


    Bibs are essential for any parent and won't need replacing often. Baby bibs come in various options, i.e., smock, drool, newborn, feeding, and disposable. You should decide the best one for your baby only after scrutiny and once you do, make sure you take the utmost care of your kid's favourite ones.

    At Finn + Emma, we have the best baby bibs to cater to your newborn baby up until your young one can handle their food without leaving behind a mess.

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