The Best Tools and Baby Parenting Apps That Can Make Parenting a Snap

Ok — there actually isn’t anything that can make parenting a snap. However, there are a few phone-related tools and apps that you’ve probably overlooked that can help you in the early days of your parenthood journey. Finn + Emma invites you to keep reading for two diaper bag essentials for the tech-forward mom and four apps that can help fill in a few of the blanks.

Cozi, baby parenting app for the disorganized new parents.

If you already have trouble keeping up with yourself, adding another human being to the mix can make you feel confused, rushed, and like you are forgetting something 100 percent of the time. But a quick trip over to the Play Store or the Apple App Store can connect you with Cozi. This organizational app, which is free, is a three-time Mom’s Choice Award Winner for a good reason. It allows you to organize all of your events and activities, stock up on healthy recipes, and share your grocery list without ever having to leave your baby’s side.

 Glow Baby, for the curious new parents.

 Before you had your baby, you probably thought your parenting classes taught you everything you possibly needed to know. Of course, you found out very quickly how very wrong you were. Having a baby is a learning experience each day. (Truth be told, you probably learn something new a few times every day). Glow Baby is an app that can help you monitor all of these lessons while helping you better understand more than 100 developmental milestones that your baby is likely to reach during the first 12 months of life.

 Mommy Saver, for the new parents that need just a moment.

 Something you were probably woefully unprepared for before your baby’s arrival was their need for constant attention. In the first year of parenthood, it can feel as though you can’t even go to the bathroom or brush your hair by yourself. Enter Mommy Saver. This high-contrast pack of interactive visuals can buy you a couple of moments so that you can brush your teeth or gulp down a half a cup of coffee with two free hands. Because this requires your baby to have your phone, double-check that your phone case is secure before handing it over.

 Milk Maid, for the pumping mom.

Not every mother can breastfeed, and this is okay. When you choose to pump, however, you can use Milk Maid to keep track of how much milk you have in all of the places that it has to be stored. This can make it much easier to ensure that LO is fully stocked when they are away at daycare or enjoying an afternoon at grandma’s house.

 While technology is not a substitute for experience, there is no reason that you can’t — or shouldn’t — utilize it to make things easier on you and your newest addition. There are plenty of apps that you can use to get to know your new role as a parent. All you have to do is download them and revel in the advancements of the digital age.

 Before You Download, two things you may need.

 Phones have gotten stronger and smarter with each new release, but they are still small pieces of tech that rely on a battery to keep going. Because of this, there are a couple of things you can’t be without when you start downloading parenting apps. Most importantly is a reliable smartphone. If yours has seen better days, now is the time to upgrade to a newer model that can handle all the apps and pictures that are coming. New customer and trade-in offers make updated models more affordable, and you can always pay in installments. While you’re at it, invest in a portable phone charger (or two) to toss in your diaper bag so you always have enough juice to take plenty of pictures. 

 Having a baby is always a juggle, hopefully these apps and tools will make life a little easier.

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