Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

Creative, easy, and festive outfits you can put together in a flash

Hard as it may be to believe, it’s almost Halloween time. And, depending on where you live, the holiday might look a little (or a lot) different than usual. But, no matter what local rules may be in place, you and baby can still have fun dressing up. We’ve gathered a few halloween costume ideas for inspiration:

  1. Baby Gran
  2. Sushi Roll
  3. Flower or Beanstalk Baby
  4. Superbaby
  5. Festive bodysuits


Baby Gran

Everyone gets a kick out of a baby dressed as a grandma or grandpa. And it’s not difficult to pull off. If you’re crafty, you can fashion a wig from gray or white yarn—but you can also use cotton balls. A floral or flannel shirt paired with big glasses completes the look. Bonus points for adding a felt “brooch” and a cardigan for an A+“grandma.”


Sushi Roll

If you have some felt lying around—or even construction paper, or cardboard and markers—this costume is pretty easy to fashion. Dress baby in a white onesie, then simply cut out a piece-of-fish shape, and don’t forget the “seaweed” (preferably made of something black or dark green in color).


Flower or Beanstalk Baby

This concept is similar to the sushi one. Dress up a onesie with a green stalk (felt, fabric, whatever you have) and add a big flower (or a fruit or vegetable) on top. Voila!



Yes, you could buy a superhero outfit for baby, but why not just fashion a makeshift cape, mask, and any other accessories that will make your baby soar? You can also print out the logo of your favorite superhero and attach it to baby’s chest.


Festive bodysuits

There’s no rule saying that your baby, or even your bigger kids, must be costumed. So, if you’re not into dressing baby as a crab or cookie monster, and/or don’t feel like doing any DIY, check out our baby Halloween collection, also available for wholesale. We dare say your little one will get just as many compliments (and you’ll get lots more than just a one-time use out of this “costume”!) As with all of our clothing, the bodysuits are made of buttery organic cotton—and they come in sizes from 0-3 months to 9-12 months. They’re also adorable (if we do say so ourselves), easy to get on and off, and ethically made.

Finally, if you’re not a fan of Halloween and especially not this time around, don’t worry (and you’re not alone). It’s a great time to revisit our earlier blog, You’re Just Not That Into It: Halloween Edition in which we give you full permission to sit the holiday out.

Also, if you’re looking for costume inspiration for yourself or your bigger kids, check out our post, 16 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Busy Moms and Kids.

Whatever you’re doing to celebrate (or not)—whether it’s strolling around your neighborhood, meeting up with a few friends, or having a night in, don’t forget to tag #finnandemma on Instagram!

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