Baby Nursery Must-Haves

Whether you are a first mom or a seasoned mother, but it has been a while since your last baby, then you should know that planning for a baby is exhausting but also exciting at the same time. 

It is always hard to know where to start with all the baby planning, and being overwhelmed is not an option. Being overwhelmed will cause you to forget things.

But let's face it, there's plenty to think about! from purchasing those essential items like your baby's crib, a humidifier, and blackout curtains to the nursery design ideas and, of course, not forgetting those little must-have accessories.

We make the planning easy for you here. How, you might ask? We have compiled the essential baby nursery items you will most definitely need and a few things to consider along the way. Happy Planning. 


The Top 17 Baby Nursery Must-Haves 

When planning a baby nursery, we mostly get caught up in the décor details. While this is in no way wrong, there are some basics that your bundle of joy must have to make their room more functional and organized for your sanity.

Here are the essential must-haves that make taking care of your baby bliss. And though they will not guarantee your baby's sleep, there are the first steps to achieving it.

White Noise Sound Machine

A white noise sound machine mimics the noise in the womb that your newborn was already used to making it one of the must haves for a new baby. YES, quiet for your munchkin is deafening, and what's more, with the silence, they are more alert to external noises. 

The white noise sound machine helps block out noises from the environment. These noises might be from their older siblings, your phone ringing, a neighbor's dog barking, a door slamming, and more.

Blackout Curtains

With your newborn, the first baby  must-have in their nursery is blackout curtains. These curtains help block the light sun rays, which appear as early as 5 am.

Blackout curtains help your baby sleep better and are great for daytime naps. And though they are worth more than a dime, they are worth the investment as they are durable.

Bassinet or Safe Crib

Your newborn will first use a bassinet before you transition her to a safe crib. However, you can use the bassinet and the crib in the Nursery.


baby in finn + emma bassinet cot


You should ensure that your baby's sleeping area is safe. It should be well installed and its guidelines clear. Getting a modern crib or bassinet is as great as they have the latest safety standards to ensure there is no risk of SIDS. A bassinet or a crib is one of the must-have baby items.

Swaddle Blankets

Swaddle blankets are a necessity you can't afford to miss in the Nursery. They are great as they help the baby sleep calmly and prevent the startle reflex. Thus newborn must haves.

When swaddled correctly, they also help your little one to feel safe, warm, and secure, just like they did while in the womb. And though some babies are resistant to swaddling initially, with time and proper swaddling, they also come to love it.


Pacifiers are great for newborns as they help prevent SIDS and help soothe your baby. They soothe babies as they look and feel like a breast to your young one as they suckle on them. It is one of the essential baby items that you can not afford to miss.

Baby Movement Monitor

A baby movement monitor is a must-have baby room necessity for your sanity. Transitioning your munchkin drop from your room to the nursery will equate to many sleepless nights. A baby movement monitor will ensure you get some good night's sleep even when your little one is snoozing on their stomach.

They have alarms that will notify you in case there's a need for you to check on your baby.

Crib Sheets And Waterproof Mattress Pad

If you think with crib sheets, you are good to go? You're mistaken; yes, we know your little one has diapers on for the night.

Baby's pee can decide to leak through the diaper unto the sheets and soak the mattress.

So, you need some waterproof mattress pad that you spread, then put the crib sheets on top to be on the safe side. To be on the safer side, it is better to layer up your baby crib like this:

  • A waterproof mattress pad
  • A crib sheet
  • Another waterproof mattress cover then another sheet on top

This helps in the event that your baby leaks. You do not have to do the crib in the middle of the night but only have to remove the soiled bedding and let them lie on the clean ones. Great, right?

Video Monitor

A Video monitor will also help you keep your sanity, especially if you have just transitioned your bub to the nursery. With it, you can check on your little ones without having to disturb them or wake them from their sleep. It allows you to see your bub in real-time. It's an excellent baby's room idea.

Hatch Rest

A hatch rest is excellent in your baby's nursery. It allows the room to remain in a "sleepy state" as it lights up the space in minimal light compared to a bulb. 

It is excellent for night feedings when your baby is still very sleepy but needs to feed. You can use your phone to dim it to a color that will allow you to sit, then switch it off. Your baby will provide the dim light signaling her that it is still time to sleep. It also doubles up as a sound machine making it an excellent nursery checklist investment for your baby.


If your newborn suffers from eczema, congestion, or sore throat, then a humidifier  is what you need for a nursery.

A humidifier adds moisture to the air, making it great when the baby is suffering from colds and during the winter.

Overnight Diapers

Did you know that there are overnight diapers for your baby? Well, now you know. When your kid begins to sleep throughout the night, it is time to change from regular diapers to overnight diapers.

These will help prevent any leaks that may make your baby wet throughout the night. They are great as you can sleep comfortably, knowing your baby will sleep dry through the night with this great baby essential.


A glider chair is an essential must-have that your baby's bedroom can't miss. OK, a glider is a chair that will help you with the rocking motion that your favorite person in the world loves.


baby nursery with glider chair


This glider chair will help give your arms some rest as you rock back and forth in the chair to soothe your baby without having to move your arms.

Changing Pad

A hanging pad will help you whenever your little one has a blowout or mess. The changing Pad should be placed on top of a dresser with a soft cover to protect your newborn.

A changing Pad is excellent as it saves you the hustle of constantly changing covers when your little one needs a clean diaper. It's a perfect baby's nursery idea.

Baby Swing or Bouncer

When your young one gets fussy, trust us when we tell you that you will need all the help you can to soothe them. A baby bouncer/ swing is one of the things newborns need as they work to rock and soothe the baby.

finn + emma macrame baby swing


The baby swing or bouncer will help make your new life more bearable and easy as your newborn can be a lot to handle.

Baby Playmat


baby in finn + emma macrame play mat


The nursery is not just for naps and sleep! It is also for play. Comes the baby play mat. A baby play mat helps promote your baby's motor skills and muscle development as they drool, thanks to all the play involved.

Baby play mats should be your baby's first toy as they help provide a safe and clean surface for your little one. They also provide entertainment that helps with babies' development. They are great for baby necessities list. 

Books and Soft Toys

Yes, even newborns need books. The early you start reading to your baby, the easier it will be for them to learn new vocabulary. Books will also delight your young ones as you bring the stories to life for them.

Soft Toys in your baby's nursery will also help promote your little ones' sensory skills as they learn about the soft toys' texture. Soft toys also help your baby to develop both socially and emotionally. Soft Toys are perfect ideas for baby nursery.


soft toys in finn + emma macrame hanger


Nursing Light

Nursing lights are essential in your baby's nursery as they have low levels of light that do not fully awaken your little one but allow you to feed them at night.

Nursing lights help create a relaxing environment as they feed and get back to sleep.


How To Set Up A Nursery

Ideally, the best time for you to start working on your baby nursery is when you are in your second trimester. But there is no rule of thumb on when you should begin setting up your baby's nursery.

A successful setup of your baby's nursery will have distinctive zones for sleeping, playing, changing, and nursing. Here is an ideal way of setting up your baby's nursery.

  • Select a room that will be your baby's nursery: after spotting the ideal space that will be your baby's nursery, you will need to remove everything that is in it to clean it thoroughly. It's better to get a fresh start when preparing for your baby.
  • If the lights are bright, install a dimmer switch: Most probably, the room you are changing into your baby's nursery has one bright overhead light. You will need to get this changed by replacing the light switch with a dimmer switch instead. Replace the light bulbs with bulbs that will function with a dimmer. A good option would be a lamp with a soft light bulb or stick-on LED lights. This will help create a soft glow in the nursery.
  • Oil the door hinges so that they will not creak. Use a standard household lubricant to do this.
  • Install a combined smoke and carbon monoxide detector as a safety measure.
  • If you want, you can decide to paint the nursery: use non-toxic paint that will not flake to ensure your tot's safety.
  • Assemble all the furniture you shall need in the nursery
  • Put together your baby crib according to the manufacturer's guidelines. 
  • Include a glider chair where you can soothe your baby from
  • Place a changing table and a dresser in the nursery for convenience purposes.
  • Decorate the room by picking a theme and choosing the wall art
  • Hang some blackout curtains that match the décor
  • Cover the crib with a mattress pad and a crib sheet
  • Organize the baby's things

Safety Tips For Your Baby's Nursery 

You will need to make sure that your baby's nursery is a safe place as they will be spending most of their time there.

  • Keep powders and other products out of your baby's reach. 
  • Cover all electrical outlets with safety covers
  • Keep cords from blinds and draperies out of reach. If it is possible, you should use cordless window treatments. 
  • Never place your baby on a soft surface to sleep. Babies should always be placed on their backs to sleep on a firm mattress. 
  • Always ensure to check for cribs and furniture recalls.
  • Place cribs and other furniture away from the windows
  • If you opt for second-hand furniture, you should use caution as they might be missing parts or instructions. Or they might have been recalled.
  • Always use your changing table safety harness. But do not rely on it.
  • Keep toiletries out of reach.
  • Attach furniture to the wall.


As a parent, you want everything about your baby to be perfect. That is a safe, comfortable place for your baby to sleep in. After all, you know too well that a well-rested baby is a happy baby. And even more, is that well-rested parents are always better prepared to counter the challenges that lie ahead regarding parenting. 

To achieve this blissful conducive state, you need a baby nursery conducive to your baby's sleep health. The above guide will help you navigate nursery must-haves for your baby and also guide you on a nursery setup that is ideal for your munchkin.

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