How To Create Wedding Videos For Beginners

Wedding videos are one of the beautiful things in life that are worth striving for, and they are a reflection of the most precious memories created during these special occasions. 

wedding videos for beginners

From a newbie’s point of view, recording a love story will be a difficult task, but if you know the must-have tools and learn how to handle different situations on the spot, you will make wedding videos that couples will love forever.

Understanding Wedding Videography

Wedding videography is an art to capture the story of your wedding day. Showing the array of such emotions and importance is the most important thing. The fact that as a videographer, you should be the one to put all the moments that constitute the wedding together the vows, the laughter, and the tears into one touching and coherent story also defines your role.

Essential Equipment

To get started, you'll need basic equipment: a working camera, a good microphone, a sturdy tripod, and sufficient lightning. Go for entry level equipment that won't upset you only to realize that it doesn't deliver professional quality footage. Bear in mind that it is as important to supply good audio as visuals, so a good microphone is something you need to invest in.

Planning Your Shoot

Before the wedding day, meet with the couple and graps the expectations of the wedding by the couple. Discuss the day's schedule with them. Now having general information you can begin to form your plan of shooting the most significant moments- like the exchange of rings, the first kiss, and the first dance. It is more convenient that a traveler would use the schedule of all the planned events to get an organized view of the festival.

Shooting the Wedding

On the marriage day, apply basic shooting skills to get excellent high quality video. Experiment using different types of shots and framings to make your video more exciting. Aim for smoothing and purposeful movements and at the same time don't be too intrusive. Emphasize recording smooth audio, especially in crucial parts such as pledges and speeches.

Edit the Video

Once the wedding is over, it's time to edit your footage. For beginners, using a free online video editor can simplify the process. Start by sorting and trimming your clips to craft a flowing narrative. Sync music to match the video's emotional beats, and apply basic color correction for a polished look. Incorporate transitions and effects subtly. Remember to add titles, like the couple's names and the wedding date, to personalize the final product. This streamlined approach makes editing manageable and cost-effective.

Finalizing and Delivering the Video

After editing, export your video format that is easy to share and get across to the audience. You can download the final product on your digital medium of choice such as USB or DVD. Take into account the presentation of your final product, the right packaging matters, it will send a good impression.

Marketing Your Wedding Videography

As your skills advanced, now you would need to think about how you should present your videography services. Show your case studies and have a url address that you can allocate all your work. Then, use social media to connect with your potential clients. Interpersonal communication is instrumental in forming new connections with wedding professionals that in turn can help you receive customers' referrals.


This wedding videography skill, like many others, develops through experience. With every wedding, there will be a chance to perfect the art, to develop and polish your own narrative style. Initially, concentrate on the exhilaration and beauty of the occasion, and the remaining part will be smooth. By applying yourself and imagination, you will do this not only visualize the moments but also find an amazing job.

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