Factors To Consider Before Buying Toys For Your Child

Gone are those days when kids used cardboard boxes and makeshift toys to play. Today's kids play with engaging, colorful toys specially designed for their age group. Many of today's toys also promote learning through play. You can easily find the best toys for CoComelon, the popular kids' youtube channel that designs unique, playful toys for kids from different age groups.

Choosing Safe Toys for Baby

Despite having a lot of options to choose from, many parents often find themselves confused while buying toys, as every other toy says it is best for the kids. Therefore you need to take a pause and think for a while. There are certain things and aspects that must be in the toys. To help you buy suitable toys, here are four factors you need to consider while buying toys for your child.

Age group

 Age group must be the first thing you should be looking at while buying toys. Most branded toys are made according to the needs of different age groups. For example, kids need to learn about shapes and colors at an early age. So toys for this age group promote the learning of colors and shapes through play. The age group also determines that the toys are suitable for kids their developmental stage. A 3 month old baby is not able to play with stacking and sorting toys. (yet) But they could grasp soft object that they can bring to their mouth.  This is why you need to check whether the toy is age-appropriate for your child.

Learning features

When kids play, they have a little understanding between learning and playing. Therefore it's a great way to help kids learn through play. Many toy manufacturers today design their toys in such a way that they can help kids improve their cognitive and motor skills. Kids learn to recognize colors, shapes, and letters with these toys. The toys also help children to improve their hand-eye coordination. When they grab a toy and play with it, it also helps them use their brain functions for different tasks in the game. You can quickly come across the best toys for CoComelon specially made to comfort children and help them learn. Many pillow buddies, sound dolls, plush toys, and toy cars are inspired by the characters in CoComelon's rhymes and shows.

Choosing safe toys for baby

Material Quality

 If you leave your small child for mere seconds, they start to chew anything they can get their hands on. Therefore, toys must be made from safe and high-quality materials so the kids won't face any health problems. Toys are manufactured using materials like fabric, plastic, and rubber. If inferior quality materials are used to make these toys, it will lead to rashes and skin conditions in the kids. Make sure you check the packaging or product description carefully before buying any toys.  At Finn + Emma we only use wood or organic cotton.  We feel strongly that toys need to be safe.

Read our article dedicated on how to choose safe toys for baby.


Price is an essential factor to consider while buying toys. Many parents would agree that toys have become expensive, but they have increased quality. It wouldn't hurt to pay a few extra bucks to keep your kids safe from cheap, inferior-quality toys. You can compare the prices of different toys and brands and choose the one that fits your budget, is made of superior quality, and is safe for your kid.

It is important to put a lot of thought into buying toys for your little ones.  Due to rising counterfeit toy brands, it's crucial to find the genuine ones and choose the suitable toys for your kid that are safe and help your kids learn and grow.


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