How to find the perfect gift for a child

How to find your 9 year old boy the perfect gift?

As a parent, it can be hard to find the perfect gift for your child. All too often the gift that we think would be ideal seems boring to our children. This isn’t all that surprising, after all, adults have a very different way of thinking compared to children, so it’s important to try and embody their mindset when buying new toys. In this blog, you’ll discover some of the best ways you can go about finding the perfect gift for a 9 year old boy, whether it’s their birthday or a reward for good behavior.

perfect gift for a child

Nurture their interests

While it’s true that children have many different interests and often flit from one hobby to the next, you’ve probably noticed that your child is particularly interested in a certain activity at some point. Regardless of whether this interest is a phase, it’s important to encourage and support them. For example, if your child loves the arts, you could gift them a new set of coloring pencils, while sporty boys might prefer their own tennis racket. At the age of 9, most boys will have a hobby that stands out amongst the rest, so make sure you get them at least one gift that relates to it.

Keep their age in mind

Most children’s toys will come with an age rating, so pay attention to this when buying your son a gift. Video games that are intended for older children could be too difficult for your little one or may even contain inappropriate content, while craft kits that are beyond your child’s skill level could cause injuries or require adult supervision. However, you may be able to ignore age ratings in some instances, particularly when it comes to board games or educational toys. If your child is advanced for their age, it may be better to buy them a more challenging toy to keep their attention.

Think about the toys they already have

If your son already has lots of toys and games, you need to keep these in mind when shopping for a gift. Try to avoid buying something that you know he already has lots of, as he’ll be more likely to get bored quickly. If your son has simply too many toys, think of a different type of gift. This could be a new CD or DVD, an experience day at the zoo, or even an edible treat like ice cream or pancakes.

Ask other parents for advice

Sometimes you can get a lot of insight into toys and games from other parents with boys that are the same age as your son. If there’s a toy you’re considering, ask another parent if their son has one and whether they enjoyed playing with it. You never know, a popular toy could actually be very disappointing and may not have been of the quality you were expecting.

Always leave plenty of time before your son’s birthday to find the right gift. This way, you’ll be a lot less stressed and will have a better chance of finding the best possible toy or treat.



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