Planning the perfect fall-themed baby shower

Are you looking for unique fall themes to throw the perfect baby shower? Allow us to help you with that. 

In 2020, about 3.61 million children were born. That’s a lot of people expecting kids and throwing baby showers. How can you make the baby shower you throw stand out the most? By creating a unique theme.

Are you going to be a parent this fall or winter? There are many creative ways to add fun and originality to your baby shower this autumn. This list goes above and beyond the fundamentals with the cutest, hottest baby shower ideas for a fall theme. Explore the autumn-themed snacks and party invitations after being inspired by the adorable décor and activities.

The best part is that every one of these inexpensive fall baby shower ideas is great for Halloween and Thanksgiving because they all incorporate pumpkin decorations. These baby shower ideas will be a hit with fall lovers everywhere and will be a ton of fun.

The role of invitations

The first thing anyone will see about your shower is the baby shower invitation card you send them. Make the theme clear by ensuring your poster or card shows it well. You can find various templates on PosterMyWall and make the perfect fall-themed card.

How to plan the perfect fall-themed baby shower?

Here are some top fall themes to help you plan a baby shower. 

  1. fall themed baby shower

    Pumpkin-fall theme

One well-known fall symbol is the pumpkin. It's simple to plan a sweet and enjoyable party when your own "little pumpkin" is on the way. Our trendiest and cutest pumpkin shower ideas include vintage-style print invitations to announce your baby shower. Include artwork with pumpkins and colors like cream and orange.

You can include pumpkins in the food and décor for this party theme. Make a welcome banner first for the area where you will greet guests. You can also find materials like string and orange construction paper to make a unique banner.

Use miniature pumpkins to decorate in traditional hues like orange and white. Decorate pumpkins in sage green or light blue to put a unique spin on tradition. Serve your guests' healthy beverages and treats like mandarin pumpkins with celery "stems." There are delicious dessert recipes to try, like mini pumpkin cakes and pumpkin spice lattes. Candles made from pumpkins can stimulate the senses.

  1. Apple orchard-themed party

An original and lovely way to commemorate the upcoming birth of a child is to host an apple orchard party. Rich fall reds and yellows will make for stunning photographs, and an "apple of my eye" theme is adorable and heartfelt. Apples and apple trees are beautiful natural decorations. Additionally, they serve as the basis for delicious fall appetizers for your guests.

Of course, you should first decide where to hold your baby shower with an apple theme. If you're fortunate enough to reside close to an apple orchard, inquire about renting the surrounding area. Make your outdoor area resemble an orchard for another way to establish the theme. Select a grassy or tree-lined area, such as a backyard nook or a city park.

Amaze your attendees with a homemade caramel apple bar. You can add delectable garnishes like chocolate chips and mini marshmallows in addition to the caramel sauce and display serving trays filled with different apple slices for those who want to savor the sweet flavor of the apple. Make everyone wear red to give it the perfect final apple touch.

  1. cabin themed baby shower

    Rustic cabin theme

If you enjoy the cozy, carefree autumn atmosphere, a rustic autumn cabin theme is a fun way to mark the change of seasons. For this warm baby shower, you can reserve a banquet room with lodge-inspired decor. Or keep things more private by transforming your house into a charming fall cottage.

Send out invitations with a lodge or woodland theme to get things started. Inform your loved ones that you are "cozying up for the baby's arrival" or "warming up for the baby." Don't forget to include the card with the link to your baby shower registry.

Use themed wooden trays and serving plates fashioned to resemble fallen logs if you intend to serve food. Camping lanterns can replace candles. Use woodland animals like foxes and squirrels to make the scene even cuter.

Leave woven blankets on couches or rocking chairs when it's chilly outside. Use an electric fireplace or start a fire. A welcoming atmosphere will entice your guests to stay and mingle longer. Serve hot drinks like tea and hot cocoa to guests as they become thirsty. 

Others might prefer a steaming mug of apple cider. Pick rustic snacks like cheese and vegetable platters or charcuterie boards. A cheese fondue station can help you play up the rustic theme if you're hosting an extensive gathering.

  1. little turkey baby shower

    A turkey-themed party

Why not make your baby shower enjoyable? A "little turkey" party is distinctive and time-specific. When guests open an invitation shaped like a holiday bird, you'll make them smile. 

Of course, you want as many turkeys in your decorations as possible. Take your Thanksgiving turkey decorations out of storage for a simple fix. Use them to spruce up your welcome area or buffet tables. Use sophisticated colors that complement the theme of the turkey to add a little extra flair. Brown and white and burgundy and gold are two stylish color combinations.

Include delectable turkey recipes and plant-based snacks that aren't Thanksgiving fare but are "faux-turkey" inspired. Bacon-wrapped turkey pieces and turkey legs with a buffalo wing flavor are both delectable and savory options for a fall gathering. With rotisserie meat and seasonal toppings, you can create a fresh turkey sandwich and plant-based meat bar.

Celebrate the newborn with handcrafted turkeys that include greetings and well wishes. While you create priceless mementos, your loved ones will relive their childhood. You can save them for your child or turn them into a holiday garland.


A baby shower is an important memory that you will cherish forever. Make sure to put thought into its planning to ensure the smooth running of the event. Any of these ideas would make a perfect fall-themed baby shower.

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