The Most Symbolic Flowers For A Baby Shower

 Baby showers are special. It's all about celebrating the arrival of a new life, a fresh start, and, more importantly, the transformation of a woman into a mother. Welcoming motherhood doesn’t always have to be about the pain and the problems. Sometimes, it is also about celebrating the new life inside you.

And what’s better than flowers to make new beginnings? Plus, logistics are no longer an issue. Let’s assume you are located in California, and your pregnant best friend is located in Dubai. You can opt to send flowers to Dubai - and just like that, your problems will be solved. 

But which flowers should you send? Should you opt for some daffodils? Or should you stick to roses? That is why we are here - to help you figure out which are the most symbolic flowers for a baby shower. Don’t forget to check out our bonus section mentioned below!

flowers for a baby shower

The Most Symbolic Flowers For A Baby Shower:

While, in most cases, people tend to choose flowers for baby showers depending on the season, the truth is choosing the right flowers has a lot to do with the significance of the flowers. At times, a particular flower can trigger a very specific memory, a personal memory, or a special event. 


Then, there are flowers that are typically used at baby showers simply because of what they signify. If you are curious about what the most popular flowers for baby showers imply, then you have arrived at the right destination! 

From traditional peonies and white roses to more, let’s check out what the five most popular baby shower flowers symbolize.

1. White Roses:

Red roses are typically associated with romance and love. But at the same time, white roses are also considered to be a popular choice at baby showers since they are known to represent youthfulness, innocence, and purity. 

White is one color that dominates most baby shower decors since it is a color that represents fresh beginnings and new life. When you choose white roses for your baby’s shower, you can opt for colorful flowers and create a stunning, eye-catchy display. 

For example, you can pair white roses with flowers in pastel shades and add Baby’s Breath to create a traditional yet very sweet impact, decor-wise.

2. Hydrangeas:

Available in pretty, soft hues ranging from bright blue to pale pink, Hydrangeas stand for beauty, grace, and gratitude. These flowers radiate plenty of abundance due to their generous round shape and the lavish number of available flowers out there. 

While you are arranging an entire lot of fresh hydrangea, you can pair them with spray or garden roses for a particularly bountiful bouquet. It creates a statement centerpiece filled with elegance and texture. 

Plus, hydrangeas are beautiful and make for great gifts. If you are attending a baby shower celebratory event, you can also carry a bunch of hydrangeas (along with a gift) for the mom-to-be. 

3. Peonies:

When peonies are in season, they are super popular at baby showers. These symbolize compassion, prosperity, and honor. The pillowy petals of peonies are just like a tiny pillow or clouds, for that matter.

Peonies are large and have a certain fullness about them, which makes them a big crowd favorite. As a result, these mix pretty well in arrangements and can also stand alone well. Plus, these can be utilized for making beautiful flower crowns for the mom-to-be and her friends. 

While peonies happen to be impactful enough to be actually styled on their own, these can also be paired with flowers that are leafier. This balances out the fluffy aspect of the blooms. 

Conventional pairings include lisianthus, anemones, and ranunculus flowers that are known to complement the dynamic aspect of peonies. If you opt for peonies, then it's best that you choose soft colors accompanied by round, short arrangements. 

4. Daffodils:

Daffodils are commonly known to be one of the earliest spring flowers. This is why it is considered to be a pretty good choice for baby shower decor and arrangements. 

Daffodils, as a result, represent a fresh start and a new season. They come in a range of varieties, including multiple gender-neutral shades such as yellow, cream, and white hues. Plus, these look great in a bunch as well as alone. 

While arranging the daffodils for your baby shower bouquet, you can mix them with some other varieties of narcissus like paperwhites or jonquils. Since mixed varieties of this flower can be arranged together beautifully, you will not have to add any other flowers or greenery. 

5. Plum Blossoms:

Plum Blossoms symbolize purity, beauty, hope, and perseverance, making them a great option for baby showers, both as decor and gift! After all, plum blossoms are a popular choice in the celebration of motherhood and the expected arrival of a new baby. 

 These flowers can be used in a range of various arrangements and alone as well. But as a simple rule of thumb, while arranging your plum blossoms, remember that the longer the flower’s branch, the less requirement for extra flower pairings. 

When you already have some drama from the tall branches, then you don’t need additional flowers to hype the display.

6. Carnations:

Another great alternative preferred by most floral designers as well as baby shower event planners happens to be carnations. The divine look of these flowers, accompanied by a stunning range of vibrant tonalities, makes the flower one of the most symbolic flowers for an aesthetic baby shower decor. 

Of course, these babies have their own symbolism - fascination, distinction, and, more notably, love. Carnations are beautiful, and you do not even have to think about the symbolism behind these flowers. Instead, you can simply opt for these without thinking much.

During baby shower events, the pre-love for a new life is often celebrated, while carnations are considered to be a perfect addition to your baby shower’s decor. Carnations in hues of blue for a newborn baby boy should be painted in silk since blue-colored carnations do not grow anywhere in the world naturally. 

You can also choose to create adorable-looking shower centerpieces that are typically filled with daisies, carnations, roses, hydrangeas, and baby’s breath. Perhaps you can also add to the decorations with little rattles or bears and bows. 

Picking the Right Baby Shower Flowers: Tips To Remember!

Are you planning on sending your expectant friend a huge bouquet of flowers at their baby shower? Great - you already know where to order from! We keep saying that logistics are no longer an issue. But that doesn’t mean there are no other tips that you should take into consideration. 

Before picking the right baby shower flowers, here are a few tips that you must remember! 

1. Avoid Flowers With Fragrance:

Select flowers that do not have or have very little fragrance. This is because scents can be considered to be harmful to children. 

In case your expectant friend has some kind of allergy - the flowers can trigger her allergies, leading to severe reactions. If you have noticed, there are certain hospitals as well as nursing stations that do not really allow fragrant flowers. 

2. Opt For Bright Flowers:

Always opt for flowers that are bright and absolutely light. Since pastel hues represent the softness and innocence of a new life, pastel hues are ideal for baby showers. With myriads of purples, blues, and pinks, there is no end to stunning pastel colors. 

Bright flowers are perfect for an event like a baby shower - it’s about celebrating the expectant arrival of a baby. The vibe is always positive, happy, and warm, which is exactly what pastel shades stand for. 

3. Say No To Thorns:

You need to avoid spiky flowers like blue thistles or even flowers with thorns. If you do opt for roses, then ensure that you are getting rid of the thorns first. Of course, nobody will actually play with the thorns or spikes. 

But don’t forget there will be other kids at the event, particularly young kids at the ‘I will taste everything’ phase. These kids can easily eat these dangerous flowers and end up falling sick. The same applies to pets. 

Do you feel like staying away from the obvious? Opt for themes that are gender-neutral - you can use orange, red, peach, green, and yellow flowers. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Check out the most frequently asked questions related to the most symbolic flowers for a baby shower mentioned below in detail. 

1. What Flower Is Used For Baby Shower?

Spring flowers are ideally considered to be great for baby showers since they symbolize prosperity, renewal, new beginnings, and birth. Popular blooms for Spring include lilies, hyacinths, daisies, peonies, and tulips. Just mix and match a range of colorful spring flowers for a nice display that is slated to impress for sure. 

2. What Flowers Symbolize A New Baby?

Baby’s Breath is an ideal option for a newborn’s baby shower bouquet. A bouquet that is made up of Baby’s Breath signifies beauty, purity, and innocence. These white flowers are fragrant and delicate, and they make an ideal gift for all new parents. 

3. Do You Need Flowers At A Baby Shower?

It does not take much to actually throw a fabulous baby shower. You will need only some essentials, like a place with fresh flowers, refreshments, and comfortable seating. You can even go further by just having a special theme for the event, tons of pretty decor and catered food. But all you will really require are flowers and food. 

4. Which Colour Is Good For Baby Shower?

Well, traditionally, if the newborn is a girl, then the colors that are used are all different shades of pink. But if the newborn is a boy, then in that case, the color immediately becomes the different shades of blue. These days, however, people are using colors like peach, lemon yellow, and light green as well. Pastel shades can also work really well, depending on the theme. 

Bonus: Flowers For New Borns

Welcome to the bonus section! While we are already aware of the symbolism behind the most popular baby shower flowers, as well as the tips to remember while picking those flowers, it is time we check out the traditional flowers meant for newborns. 
 Without wasting time on the nitty-gritty, here we go!

Flowers For: New Born Baby Boy

Typically, blue is the shade for a newborn baby boy. The best thing about this color is there is no shortage of blue flowers in the industry. Hydrangeas, of course, top the list of blue flowers when it comes to celebrating baby showers for little boys. These look classic, are bold, and happen to be round-shaped. 

You will find various shades of blue if you opt for hydrangeas. So, you can select how pale or bright you want to go. At the same time, you can also combine Hydrangeas with flowers that are white and elegant with a gorgeous bouquet for any baby shower. 

Flowers For: New Born Baby Girlflowers for a girl baby shower

No matter how much we want to avoid stereotyping, pink happens to be an all-time classic for newborn baby girls. With multiple flowers in pretty pink in the market currently, you will be spoilt for choice. Peonies, Hydrangeas, and Pink Roses dominate the market. 

If you opt for any of these flowers, you can combine them with white, lilac, yellow, and cream-colored flowers to make a stunning baby shower flower bouquet.

Flowers And Symbolism: A Match Made In Heaven!

And that’s a wrap on the most symbolic flowers for a baby shower. Baby showers are highly underrated events - we always almost talk about flowers in correlation to anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays, forgetting baby showers in the process.

Baby showers are a way to celebrate the arrival of new life - a woman enters motherhood, and it's an occasion that needs plenty of celebration, not to mention plenty of flowers. So, what do you think about using flowers for baby showers? Feel free to share your thoughts on the symbolism of these flowers in the comments below!

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