Tips to help you prepare (and make room!) for baby’s arrival

Getting ready for baby…

So you’re having a baby? That’s very exciting! But, before bringing your child home, there are several important things to think about and prepare. We hope these tips, and answers to common questions, will help you feel ready for baby’s arrival—and set you on the right foot for the first months with your newest addition.


What lifestyle and financial changes do I need to consider before baby’s arrival?


First off, if you’re currently employed and intend to return to your job after baby, make sure you understand your company’s maternity leave policies. With all these facts at hand, you can best plan your time at home, and know when you’ll need to enlist additional help before your return to work.


Another thing to think about and plan for, before baby’s arrival, are the related financial considerations. There will naturally be new expenses and one-time purchases that come with having a baby (a few include: a crib, changing table, baby clothing, diapers, baby food/formula, stroller, car seat, child care, etc.) And, after you establish everything you’ll need for the arrival of your baby, it’s time to create a new monthly budget plan to make sure you’re spending and saving smartly.


How can I update and maximize my space, to be best prepared for baby?


Now’s a great time to look around your home and consider doing any home improvement projects that would make your home work better—and be safer—for an infant. Here are a few simple to-dos to get you started:


  • Make sure smoke detectors work and aren’t expired
  • Check to see if your walls need a fresh coat of lead-free paint
  • Fix any appliances in your home that are broken


You might also need more—or differently arranged—space than you currently have. If that’s the case, it’s time to see about possibly getting a contractor in for some simple modifications or an addition. (If you’re looking at a big project, a home improvement loan may make sense.)


What’s the best approach to getting the house clean for baby?


Prepping, cleaning, and organizing as much as you can before baby’s arrival will make life easier on you once they’re home. Start by getting all of baby’s clothes, sheets, and blankets laundered. It’s also a good idea to do a deep clean of your entire house.


You’ll also feel best if you can get fully organized before baby arrives. This will make life easier to navigate when, for instance, you are feeding or changing the baby in the middle of the night and don’t have to scramble to find what you need. A good place to start is with clothes. Place clothes in baby’s current size on top in a dresser drawer or easily accessible bin. Put other clothes into a closet or somewhere out of the way. Also, set up a changing station equipped with diapers, wipes, creams, medicines, and whatever else may be needed in the middle of the night. The more you clean and organize now, the less you will have to worry about later!


There are so many things to take care of to get your home ready for welcoming a new baby, and luckily you have nine months to prepare! Make a to-do list, ask for help, and tackle one thing at a time. Happy preparing!


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