Virtual Bridal Shower Games: Fun and Interactive Ideas for Remote Celebrations

Virtual bridal showers are a convenient way to celebrate the upcoming weddings of the bride. When a large gathering in person is not possible, it becomes a way to share some laughter and wishes. Conducting such online events allows friends and family members to connect and celebrate wherever they are. That being said, here we have come up with interactive game ideas to be included in the bridal shower to make the celebration memorable. Let's get the ball rolling. 

virtual wedding shower

Newlywed game 

Let's start with our first game, "Newlywed Game". It's an exciting game to play in the bridal shower, and it has the potential to strengthen your bond with your partner. But you can make it more interesting and engaging with more laughter. Do you know how? By having the bridesmaid ask the personal questions to the groom. 

When asking the questions, the bride and bridesmaids guess the answers of the groom. In the end, the bridesmaid, who is hosting the game virtually, will reveal the correct answers. 

Scavenger hunt 

The next game, named virtual scavenger hunt, brings a burst of energy and excitement. Start by creating a list of wedding-related items or specific objects that are likely to be found in the homes of the guests who are participating. The things can range from a wedding photo to a white dress or a specific flower. The host will announce every item one by one. As soon as the host announces each item, all guests will start looking for it in their homes. The person who found it first will show the item on camera. Continue until all items are found, and the guest with the most points wins a prize.

Want to make it more interesting? You can include items related specifically to the bride and groom or their shared history. For instance – Including some items related to the hobbies of the guests is one way of doing so. This customization spices up the game to a great extent and make it even more engaging for the couple and the guests. This game is not only fun but also encourages guests to reminisce about their favorite memories with the couple.

virtual wedding shower

Bridal Bingo 

Let's give a new twist to a classic game of Bingo. It is an easy to adapt game for virtual celebrations. You need to buy pre-printed game cards to be sent to your remote guests or let them create their cards online. Fill the cards with wedding related words or phrases like 'cake', 'honeymoon', 'ring' and the list goes on. 

It could also have some fun options like "Has known the bride for more than 7 years" or even something as simple as "is a single-child". You can get as creative with it as you want and add some fun. Now, guests are requested to mark off the words or phrases in their cards whenever they are mentioned. The first guest to get a row, column, or diagonal completed can shout "Bingo!" and win a prize.

Virtual Pictionary

Get a digital whiteboard or drawing application to play the virtual Pictionary. It is a light-hearted game to spark laughter and camaraderie. What you have to do here is split the guests into teams. Assign each team with a specific category like romantic movies, wedding traditions, bridal accessories, and whatever you like. Now, one member from each team comes and takes a turn to draw any word related to the theme they have been given. His team members will have to guess the word as quickly as possible within a set time limit. 

You can add an extra layer of excitement by including some words related to the couple's relationship to prompt laughs. No wonder this game of virtual Pictionary serves as a delightful icebreaker, bringing together guests who may not know each other well and fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose as they work together to solve the drawings

Recipe Exchange 

In this game, ask every guest in the bridal shower to share their favorite recipe with the bride-to-be to help her build her culinary experience. As the game is played virtually, guests can share the recipe through chat or even send a digital recipe card during the event. When the bride receives all the recipes, she can ask questions about whatever is coming to her mind related to cooking and interact with the guests, thereby making the exchange livelier. 

The game goes beyond just sharing recipes. It is also about passing cherished traditions and strengthening the connections between generations. Bride can consider compiling all the recipes into a digital or printed cookbook, preserving this meaningful connection. 

Final Thoughts 

Virtual bridal showers are a fantastic way to celebrate the bride-to-be while ensuring that everyone feels included, no matter where they are. From classic favorites like Bridal Bingo and Pictionary to unique games like Newlywed game and recipe exchange, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Let the celebration begin!

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