Celebrate Dad this Fathers Day - 10 fun ideas

Father’s Day is right around the corner—so we've rounded up 10 of our top ideas to help your family make the most of this special day. Get ready to have some fun and help your kids show lots of love to the dads and other father figures in their lives. (Depending on the age of your kid(s), some of these will require adult assistance.)

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10 Great Ways to Celebrate Dad 

1. Treat dad to brunch Start dad’s day right with a yummy breakfast or brunch. If other adults or older kids are around to help, why not try these awesome breakfast sandwiches (croissant + bacon + eggs + cheese…yes, please!) or maybe these eggs in purgatory? Or, if dad likes coffee and pancakes, combine the two for a delicious treat. And, if nobody feels like cooking, order takeout from a favorite spot!

2. Don’t forget to tell dad how special he is A homemade card is the best kind. You can find some cute ideas and printables here, or let your kids’ creativity run wild with whatever inspiration and supplies they already have on hand.  If your babe is a little too young for a card, dress them in our I love dad bodysuit and greet dad in the morning with this sweet message.

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3. Go hiking, biking, or fishing If the dad(s) in your house are the outdoorsy type, plan an excursion that the whole family will love. Try a new trail or lake, or visit an old-favorite spot. (Goin' fishing? Your little one will be on-point in this graphic bodysuit!) The day is all about spending quality time, so there’s no need to stress about elaborate plans. 

4. Create backyard fun If you’d rather stay closer to home, why not have a backyard picnic? Or, if dad and the kids are feeling adventurous, set up a tent and let them go “camping.” Add a playful twist by organizing a treasure hunt with a men's pirate costume for Dad to wear while leading the kids on a swashbuckling adventure

5. Play a game Set up some games outside, and let dad indulge his sporty side. For littler kids, keep it simple with games like ring toss, cornhole, or “bowling” (which you can set up with empty bottles and an inflatable beach ball).

6. Give dad a quiz It’s easier and more fun than it sounds. Send dad out of the room and have your kid(s) write down their answers to questions about him, like:  What’s his favorite food? What’s his favorite TV show? Etc. Then ask dad for his answers, and see how well the answers match. If you have more than one kid (or there are other dads and kids at your Father’s Day celebration), you can make this into a game.

7. Work on a project together If dad is at least a tiny bit crafty, and your kids are old enough to help with a DIY project, try one of these great ideas: build a birdhouse or tree swing. Or, for little kids, a cardboard-box playhouse!

8. Give dad a break Sometimes the best way to show someone that you love and value them is to give them an hour or two they can spend however they like—reading, napping, or whatever floats dad’s boat.

9. Watch a movie Is there an animated classic or other kid-appropriate movie that dad gets a kick out of? Or something new that the whole family has been wanting to watch? Why not have a “movie night” in your living room or backyard, pop some popcorn, and take some time to relax together as a family.

10. Don’t forget dessert End dad’s special day on a sweet note. Making him a Guinness float is super easy—or, if you’re up for it, this decadent s’mores milkshake would be a perfect way to cap off the day. (Also completely acceptable: picking something up at your local cupcake or ice cream shop!)

Father’s Day is a great excuse to do something different and show dad how much he means. Do you have any other great tips for celebrating dads this weekend? We’d love to hear.


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