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The volume and variety of toys available in today’s marketplace is truly amazing.  And, with so many choices, it can be hard to know what toys offer the safest playtime fun for your children. 

As in many other areas of modern living, plastics abound in the toy industry.  From bath toys and building blocks, to action figures, dolls, and educational games, plastic is seemingly everywhere.  It is relatively inexpensive to produce, and its applications seem endless, so what’s the big deal?

Many plastics are made from raw materials that include natural gas or oil, sources of known carcinogens (cancer-causing agents).  When a child plays with a plastic toy, particularly if they put it in their mouth—which, let’s be honest, is bound to happen sooner or later—they can be exposed to these harmful substances.  Chemicals called phthalates are also a concern; these are used to help toys retain strength and flexibility—but they can easily leach out and are known to be endocrine (hormone) disruptors.

One easy way to avoid possible problems stemming from chemical exposure is to choose wooden toys.   Toys made from wood tend to be much more durable than plastic ones; they can last and be passed down for generations, creating wonderful heirlooms.  And, though they may not have as many “bells and whistles” as their plastic counterparts, wooden toys can be just as fun for little ones.  Many craftspeople and companies are making and expanding their lines of wonderful, interactive, creativity-sparking wooden toys.  These playthings are a worthy investment in your children and the future! 

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