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Gender Neutral Clothes for Baby: the Next Big Thing

The days of “pink for little girls” and “blue for little boys” are (thankfully) behind us. Any color is a-okay for any baby—and we dare say neutrals are the next big thing. What makes neutrals so great, you ask? Read on to find out.  

 Neutral colors are classic and never go out-of-style

Neutrals—think beige; white; gray—are subtle and sophisticated. And they’re always in style. Baby will never be “off-trend” in neutral attire.

They’re easy and fuss-free

 Neutral colors go with everything! Many of our Finn + Emma bodysuits are printed on a neutral background—and you can pair them with any color bottoms or other accessories for a perfect outfit for baby. A neutral-centric wardrobe takes the work out of getting your little one dressed.  

 You can dress them up—or down  

 Neutrals are just as perfect for a day at home as they are for a special occasion. They keep things easy any day of the week but can also be the base for a fancier look.

Great for hand me downs!

 Guess what: babies don’t care what color they’re wearing. Neutral-color clothes are perfect for gifting and also make great hand-me-downs since they work great for boys as well as girls. Check out our collection of gender-neutral items.

 Taking care of little ones is hard enough; keep things simple with a neutral wardrobe! 

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