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headed out with baby?

These simple items can make any trip easier…


Whether you’re headed around town or across the country with baby in tow, we have a few simple ideas that can make your journey easier.

We know you’ve already got the basics covered—strollers, car seats, clothes, diapers, snacks, and other essentials.  But we’d like to share three of our most-requested items that we think you’ll want to add to your packing list:

1. A versatile play mat, like this one. Perfectly sized, Finn + Emma play mats slide easily into a diaper bag and provide a safe, cozy place to put baby when you arrive at your destination (they can also double as changing mats or stroller liners).  Our play mats are made from supersoft organic cotton and feature fun prints that use non-toxic dyes. Playtime has never been so easy!

2. A muslin wrap, like these.  With its open-weave breathability, muslin allows your baby’s body temperature to moderate itself effectively—so it’s a great item to have along, no matter where you’re headed.  Muslin offers a cooling option on a hot day (and works well as a sun shield on a stroller) and an extra layer of warmth and comfort when there’s a chill in the air.  Plus, if you’ve forgotten your play mat at home, the muslin wrap will step up for duty!

3. Stroller buddies, like these.  As you well know, if baby is awake…they want to be entertained!  Our whimsical stroller sets hook onto a stroller and/or car seat for safe, sensory play.  They feature sustainable wood and non-toxic, fair trade materials that you can feel good about.  (Stroller buddies can also attach to the loops on the play mats for additional fun!)

By adding these three simple items to your traveling bag, you and baby will be happy campers when you’re away from home. Bon voyage!

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