What to bring for baby at the beach: Helpful Checklist for 2021



Who’s ready for some summer beach time? Count us in! And if you’re bringing baby to the beach for the first time, we hope you’ll find these tips useful—to make sure everyone has a safe and fun day in the sun.


  1. Keep baby protected from the sun’s rays


Baby’s skin is much more delicate than yours (but you should protect yours, too!). So, on your list of things to bring to the beach, these should be at the top: baby sunscreen, baby hat, cool water/drinks, and an umbrella or other shade-creating device like a small pop-up tent.


  1. A wagon (or other wheels) will make your outing easier


Especially if you’re going to be the only adult on your beach outing, you’ll want to bring a wagon or jogging stroller (trust us on this one!). You’re going to be juggling an infant, maybe additional kiddos, and beach supplies all at once—and a set of wheels goes a long way in making this all more manageable.


  1. Bring toys, but not too many


Depending on the age of your kid(s), you’ll probably want to bring a few toys to help keep them entertained. Small things are best, and they needn’t be fancy. Think: a variety of plastic cups/molds for forming sand and making sandcastles, a plastic watering can, and a small beach ball or floating toy. Bonus points for keeping beach toys (and other stuff that will get sandy) in a mesh laundry bag, so that residual sand will fall out before you get back to your car!


  1. Stay cool


If it’s a hot day, baby will probably need some extra cooling off. You can bring a small handheld fan, and you may also want to bring some pre-frozen food/juice pouches. Frozen water bottles are a great way to help keep your items cold, and they will turn into much-needed refreshments as well! 


  1. Don’t forget a beach blanket


Don’t forget to pack a nice comfy blanket (we’ve got a few ideas here)! It will provide a nice, clean place for baby to relax—and in case the day turns chilly, you’re all set. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can also bring an inflatable mini pool for your little one to play in.


  1. Squeeze in some seaside learning


The beach is a great place to do some sensory learning and for your littles to discover new things. When you’re walking on the beach, point out different textures of shells and other natural objects—and of course there’s always time for an inaugural toe dipping if the water is warm and calm enough.


  1. Don’t forget to take photos of your beach babe


Especially if it’s baby’s first time at the beach, be sure to capture the moment and seaside good vibes! And, if you’re looking for the ideal outfit for baby—something that will ensure a comfortable day and adorable photo shoot—we’ve got just the thing. Our new beach bum collection features retro-inspired designs on body suits, graphic tees, and more.


  1. Don’t spend tooooo long at the beach


We know, we know, this isn’t what you want to hear. But baby can’t spend all day long at the beach like you might be able to. Aim for a few hours or less per session. Plan indoor meals and naps around your beach time, and everyone will stay happy, hydrated, and sunburn-free.


Happy beach going!


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