Little Blessings: Unique And Surprisingly Useful Baby Shower Gifts

You’ve got no time to shop for the perfect baby shower gift, so we’ve rounded up some of the best little baby shower gifts that are actually useful.

People often tell us I should just buy a gift card. We always say it’s best to shop for unique gift ideas — and unique, thoughtful gifts are the best way for a new mom and her new baby. Here are some of our favorite baby shower gift ideas that aren’t just impractical, but are actually useful.

Baby Clothes Are Always Great

Newborns can make quite a mess, so they are known for going through a lot of clothes. If you're purchasing clothing as a baby shower gift, make sure the size is accurate and the color is close to what the new mom will be wearing. It's always nice to get something you know the new mom will use.

matching family tee

Matching Family Outfits

A matching tee for the entire family can be a fun way to celebrate a new baby.  Its also a fun way to include other siblings and Dad!   Lets be honest the pictures you can take will be adorable!

Kitchen Gadgets For Mom And Baby

Looking for a great gift for a new mom? Consider purchasing her an appliance or gadget for the kitchen! Appliances can be used for multiple purposes if you know the new mom’s cooking style and preferences.

For example, if she loves to make her own homemade baby food and she has an old refrigerator that she’s ready to get rid of, think about buying her an ice cream maker or whipped cream charger. If she loves to bake, she might like an oven thermometer or food scale for when she’s baking for her baby. If she’s an avid baker, she might like a dough scraper for rolling out dough and getting all those messy bits out!

baby books as a gift

Baby Books And Games

Did you know some of your favorite books are actually good for babies? As a new mom, you might want your child taught how to hold himself up while sitting or how to crawl on the floor before walking and running. These skills will not only help your toddler learn at his own pace, but they will also help him become confident on his feet. Kids learn to get comfortable with their bodies by playing with their toys and seeing what their bodies can do. Books can also help teach your child all sorts of skills.

Subscription To A Class Or Service

If you know a new mom who loves to read, consider buying her a subscription to a baby magazine. Magazines are chocked full of baby-related information. Each issue includes tips and tricks, reviews of products available for babies, articles about new developments in infant health care, advice about parenting newborns or babies with special needs, and information about baby trends. It’s a great gift for new moms because it will help them stay educated about all things related to their babies.

Some mothers don’t have the time or energy to take care of their newborns 24/7. They need some help with their babies. Helping that new mom get a break from raising her baby might be the best gift ever! There are tons of babysitting services available online, including nanny sharers in major cities across the country and many online babysitting services.

Parents often email these services requesting babysitting help while they go out to work or do something else. It’s another great gift idea because moms who need babysitting often get overwhelmed with caring for their newborns on their own — it’s hard enough when your baby is only four or five days old!

There are also cleaning services for new and expectant parents. Many of these same services also offer home health aides, pet-sitting, yard work, and grocery delivery.

Bathtime Essentials

If you know someone who loves taking baths for their little one — or who loves bathing your little one — this is an awesome gift! Bathtime is a special time for babies and parents alike. It’s a great time to bond with your baby and make them feel safe and comfortable in their environment: it’s when they are most alert and ready to learn! The perfect gift would be something that helps make bathtime more enjoyable — like a bath caddy that keeps bath toys in one place so they don’t get lost (and also makes it easy to grab what you need when you get out of the tub), or maybe some bath toys that help keep your baby entertained while in the tub (like rubber duckies that squeak when submerged in water). There are many bathtub toys available online or in different department stores.

There are many great baby shower gifts that can make parents’ lives easier. Whether they need help with taking care of their new baby or just want to get a break, these gifts can be very helpful.


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