Wild and Wonderful: Tips for Designing a Jungle-themed Nursery

 Are you looking for a fun, (relatively) easy, and gender-neutral theme for a nursery? Today we’re sharing some of our favorite ideas for how to pull off an awesome jungle theme. It’s a classic concept that you can update with your own modern twist; let your imagination run wild!

 Explore our Fantastic jungle-themed nursery ideas

  1. Pick a central theme

Do you have a favorite jungle animal? Think: elephants, giraffes, zebras, lions, and monkeys. Also: toucans, gorillas, sloths, hippos, and rhinos. So many fun choices when it comes to shapes and colors.

 Or you could embrace the flora part of the jungle. Think: banana, monstera, and other tropical-looking leaves as well as brightly colored flowers like orchids, hibiscus, or birds-of-paradise.

 Selecting one (or two) animals, and/or one (or two) plants, can help you unify and focus on a cohesive look. But, there are also many wonderful design elements on the market that incorporate a more holistic “jungle” vibe—and you have full permission to go wild with your imagination!

  1. Use high-impact accent pieces

You can keep your jungle-themed nursery on the simple, minimalist side by focusing on one accent wall, adding a potted plant or two, and finishing things off with coordinating soft elements (rugs, bedding, and other textiles). 

For a high-impact accent wall, browse online for peel-and-stick/removable wallpaper or wall decals. There are many options featuring animals, entire jungle scenes, coconut trees, and more—at a range of price points. Or, do a simple search for “jungle wall prints.” One fantastic thing about this nursery theme—apart from being adorable—is that it can easily grow with your child. Many jungle-themed items have a modern vibe and sense of sophistication. 

  1. Natural materials for the win

As you’re looking to add accessories—like side tables, ottomans, and a glider, search for pieces made of natural materials, or with natural accents. For instance, try teak, jute, wicker and rattan. These will play into the tropical, laid-back vibe you’re after.  

    4.  Jungle themed gifts to put-on your registry

Giraffes and elephants and monkeys, oh my! Our new jungle-themed collection puts a modern twist on a gender-neutral classic. Whether your little one is “born to be wild” or would rather safari from afar, they’ll love these bodysuits, tees, pajamas, blankets, and more—all made from organic cotton that’s as soft and smooth as a hippo. Welcome to the jungle!  Top favorites include our jungle themed footie  and our jungle themed bodysuit.

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